Performance Centre

The Vision

Working with clubs, badminton centres and county badminton associations to establish a strong and vibrant network of forward thinking performance centre environments that are accessible and welcoming for players meeting the required characteristics. The aspiration is to create a hub of badminton activity where players, coaches and volunteers can progress, reach their potential and satisfy their own ambition within the sport.

The PLAYER will be central to Performance Centre activities.

Performance Centres provide a platform to increase competitive opportunities and raise standards for all players. The structure of a Performance Centre may take on many guises: consortium of clubs, Premier Club, badminton centre, CBA. These environments will operate at local community level for badminton in clubs and schools by establishing an infrastructure in order to nurture talent, including the identification of players, coaches, volunteers and officials. To assist in achieving this structure each new Performance Centre can apply to receive £10,000 a year for three years. 

(Funding is subject to the ongoing availability of external funding).

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BADMINTON England Performance Centres are integral to achieving the aim of improving the standard of players so more pressure is exerted on the top elite band. They can do this by setting new standards in their operations, with particular emphasis on:

  • Identifying the right raw talent
  • Implementing the right player pathway to support player development
  • Involving the right coaches who: 
    •  Set the highest standards of professionalism
    • Are committed to all aspects of the coaching process (plan, do, review and evaluate)
    • Support players as they move along the player pathway
    • Commit to Continuous Professional Development
    • Contribute positively to a mentoring system
  • Availability and access to the right level of competition

For more information about the Performance Centre environment please refer to the PC Coaching Handbook. Get Adobe Reader.

If you wish to apply to become a Performance Centre please contact your Regional Manager or