Shropshire Leagues

Paid up Club members are automatically made members of Badminton England and Shropshire County Badminton Association [ SCBA ] are then eligible to play in the Shropshire Leagues. We have men's, ladies and mixed badminton teams entered every year in several divisions

The number of teams we enter each year is dependent on the number of people who express an interest in playing for a team when asked at the begining of the season. The numbers of players who actually play throughout the whole season may vary so reserve players are also sought.

Each team is typically made up of 4 people (the mixed can be more) and plays 6 rubbers per match. Each rubber is the best of 3 games. A league point is awarded for each rubber won so there is always an incentive. A draw (3 rubbers each) gains an extra point and a win 2 extra points.  Typically the top teams in a division earn promotion and the bottom suffer relegation.

When there are injuries or absence we have to be aware of the rulebook that states a player from a "lower" team can only play for a "higher" team as a substitute once ... except when playing "up" in the first division where you can do it twice (presumably because they play more matches). When a player exceads this becomes "team-tied" to the "higher" team and can no longer play for the "lower" team ... which can have repercusions for the teams below them.

If a team fails to turn up for a fixture then they are relegated by 2 divisions.

Playing in the leagues for London Road you pay a match fee of £4 both home and away.